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welcome 09-06-08

i am back again after letting no posts. this week very busy with al those tests of different subjects.

:( don't want to learn but i have to.

by the way the footballcontest between netherland and italy has ended few seconds ago. 3-0 forrr the netherlands :) everyone expected that the netherlands should loose because of the fact that italy had a very good footballteam. Well they had it wrong!!

music playlist

^ ^

this summer: taiwan youth tour 08-06-08

Taiwanyeah thats just what i needed. I've never been in taiwan so I have some great expectations. hope they will come out xD. tickets allready booked and received. 

in the begin of our tour we WILL stay in the north. from taipei we'RE going to the east-side of taiwan. after that to the south. 

first week staying at the tamkang university and further in hotels. during our tour we will visit a lot of cultural buildings , parks and local markets. 

For example below: 
taipei 101

building with 101-floors in taipei. The building stands as an icon of Taipei and Taiwan as a whole. The building contains 101 floors above ground and 5 floors underground. Its postmodern style combines tradition and modernity in ways that appear simultaneously Asian and international. Its safety features enable it to withstand typhoons and earthquakes. A multi-level shopping mall adjoining the tower houses hundreds of fashionable stores, restaurants and clubs. 

(credit: wikipedia)

their are also a few things on my list i want to buy. dont know if its cheap or expensive... well i start with needing a new mobile, further a camera etc. actually all those high-tech products ;)   

people who have some advice...for buying stuffs in taiwan? or the do's and don'ts? let me now by leaving a message in my messagebox!!!

movie : what happens in Vegas 25-05-08

What happens in vegas. my little sister had to see this film so we went to the cinema to watch it. my ratings for this movie (1/10) I definitely say 8. it's so funny with ashton kutcher. a movie which you had seen.  


director: Tom Vaughan
starring: Cameron Diaz, Ashton Kutcher etc...
genre: Comedy, Romance


Two strangers awaken together then they discover that they've gotten married following a night of debauchery in Sin City,
and one of them has won a huge jackpot after playing the other's quarter.


The newlyweds devised

ever-escalating schemes to undermine each other and get their hands on the money

New serie : Fan Gun Ba! Dan Chao Fan

Opening theme song: Heng Xing- Fahrenheit
Ending theme song: The Rainbow That Never Disappears- Genie Zhuo

jiro               genie              danson

Danson is playing a Western Cuisine chef and Jiro is playing a Chinese cuisine chef.
Genie will be a blind girl, she's also a singer who's  strong and determined.

A heated competition between the restaurants Asian Wang and Bei Snack Bar is created to see who is the best chef.

Wedding of my nephew 20-05-08

the Perfect day when two people in love, will get married. everyone dressed up very nice. it was just a wonderful sunny day with music , food etc...

picture below : (left: niece , litlle sister and other two nieces


the earthquake in sichuan


as you all have heard about the earthqueake, i'm going to give it some place at my site. but for the people who has missed it xP i'm going to give a bit of information. there was an earthquake in sichuan. the earthquake in sichuan has killed many people. seeing those pictures on the television is just something like a imagination. unfortunately its the reality.

here below a music video with singers like Aaron, Jiro, calvin of fahrenheit , hebe, ella, selina of S.H.E and many more made after the earthquake...


A Day at the amusement park efteling (neth)


it was a Sunny day when I spend this day with my little sisters and some friends at the amusement park efteling. This amusement park is One of the largest and the most popular theme park in The Netherlands, and one of the leading theme parks in Europe. Well we have really enjoyed that day.

It was also may vacation here. that's a vacationof 2 weeks, because of some holidays and the national holiday called Queen'sday.
Some pictures of the day below:Entrance at the beginning of the day
Entrance at the end of the day

Theatre castlePalace

MELittle sister

Entrance at the beginning of the day
ME and other little sisterSymbol of park (pic. made in the air)



Name: Sianda Yee
From: The Netherlands
DOB: 25-September-1990
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